Communique From The 2nd National Citizens’ Convention

“A Call To Put Citizens, Country And Constitution First In Zimbabwe”

We the people, on the 24th-25th of September 2019, as progressive citizens, civil society organizations, residents’ associations, informal workers, students, unions, activists, academics, women’s groups, faith groups, youth formations, artists and business leaders from across Zimbabwe and the Diaspora converged for the 2nd National Citizens’ Convention (NCC) in, Harare, under the banner of Citizens’ Manifesto in collaboration with at least 23 organizations and many local community collectives, to reiterate our shared vision of a better Zimbabwe for all. This year’s gathering builds on the 1st NCC held in July 2018 that allowed more than 2000 citizens to consult on – the society we want; the economy we want; the governance we want; the environment we want; and the service delivery we want.

CONCERNED by the urgent need to address the deep fragmentation facing our country as a result of a protracted political crisis, an exclusive economy run by cartels and deep historical wounds which have left many fearful and traumatized - we seek a new path forward which is inclusive and aspires to put the three Cs at the center of our development process: Citizens, Country and Constitutionalism.




Tuesday 24, September 2019

National Citizens' Convention 2019



Tuesday 24, September 2019

National Citizens' Convention 2019


About Citizens' Manifesto

Citizens Manifesto is a civic convergence platform for progressive citizens, local community collectives, civil society and activists working in solidarity to amplify citizens' voice and actiontowards a better Zimbabwe for all.

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We are building towards a non-partisan national convergence platform to define a common national vision for Zimbabwe and collectively work towards its attainment. This vision for a new Zimbabwe starts with you.

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